Friday, November 20, 2009

IE 7 with Yahoo mess up my whole Yahoo Network?

I was so excited when they came up with this browser. After downloading...

1. Yahoo Mail - messages cant be read in a html/mime format and I can't click on Compose.. etc. My mailbox is totally messed up. IE wont even allow me to download Yahoo Beta version.

I can't play game on yahoo either. My messager is not working right too. I have been trouble shooting on this issue for 3 days straight and it gives me backache and headache. I even uninstall in and it went back to IE6 but still the problem persist. The funny part is that I can't even play on my window media player. It won't open.

IE is very dissapointing. I really regret. Please help

IE 7 with Yahoo mess up my whole Yahoo Network?uninstall internet explorer

I had a Problem after downloading IE7. Icalled AT%26amp;T Yahoo and they guided me thru steps that resolved my problems.

IE 7 with Yahoo mess up my whole Yahoo Network? internet explorer

Try to re-install it...its working fine with me and for others...

Thats all what i can say..
use firefox for browsing. You can use it together with any version of IE. You can even use both the browsers together at the same time if needed.

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