Friday, November 20, 2009

Uninstalling IE?

I get ridiculous amounts of pop-ups, and I have Norton, i've downloaded and anti-spy ware and ad ware, but they still keep coming up. I downloaded Mozilla since I've heard better things about it, but now i want to uninstall IE in hopes the pop-ups will go away.

When I went to uninstall IE, it says something like "if you wish to uninstall IE, all of these programs that have been downloaded using IE may not work properly." Is that just a scheme so I don't uninstall it, or will it really do damage to my programs?

Uninstalling IE?nintendo ds browser

What it says is "If these programs depend on IE they may not work properly after it is removed."

It should not do damage to your programs. Because the programs IE uses is either updates for IE or plugins that you downloaded that will only be used by IE. So there is a 99.9% chance that it will not mess up any of you programs.

But if for some odd reason it does mess up you programs then you can alway re-install IE.

Uninstalling IE?windows 98 internet explorer

most general appz will not be affected. But, if you downloaded programs that install IE specific plug-ins, you could loose the ability to run them. But I doubt that most of your programs such as games, microsoft office, adobe reader etc, should be affected
Go in control panel %26amp; uninstall from their .
It's not a good idea to uninstall IE. It could have some bad effects on your system.

Try running your anit-virus and anti spyware in safe mode. This will get rid of the cr*p you can't get rid of normally.

Safe mode:

Restart you PC and as it starts, keep hitting the F8 key. You will have the option to get into safe mode then.
If I was you, I would just leave IE alone and DONT uninstall it, because things like windows update DO use IE. Plus if you just leave IE alone it cant hurt you.
It really could cause some programs not to work.

I don't think IE7 is the cause of the popups, other than it's more vulnerable to spyware and other things.

I would suggest downloading a few programs to clean up your computer.


? CC Cleaner (run both internet cleaner, and registry tools)

? Windows Registry Mechanic

? Run this free tool

(searches/removes spyware, grayware, malware, etc.)

Next, I would check to see what's starting up with your computer by clicking run, then typing "msconfig". This will pop open a window and you want to click the startup tab. If your unsure of what these items are you can always google the process name to determine if it's an ok program.

Also, I would check your add/remove program list to see if there are any suspect programs in there.

Example 800 Search Assistant . If you find anything, remove it.
ull wreck ur system if u do,jus ese firefox exclusivly
Internet Explorer cannot be uninstall from the computer because it is part of your Operating System ( Windows). If you attempt to remove you will be loosing important files to operate your computer. So don't uninstall.

It will not hurt your system by leaving it be and it won't interfere with firefox. When you are using firefox as your Browser Internet explorer won't make the popups appear since it is not running.

Popups can be stopped by the Browser itself look in the toolbar for an option to stop popups , I'm sure you will find it.

If you don't find any your antivirus and spyware programs won't help as they are not designed to stop popups . You need to download a free anti popup program from the web such as Adware which stops and removes advertisement popup windows

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