Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My computer works slower with IE 7 then with the previous?

Every since, I upgraded to ie 7, my computer takes forever to do load up. The overall performance is just plain slow. I also use firefox, and don't have any problems with their performance.

Why is this? Does anyone out there have similar problems with ie 7?

I can't use macromedia flashplayer on ie 7, but I can on firefox. What's going on here?

What do you recommend usig instead of ie 7. I want a fast engine. Should I download from ie 7?

Enjoy a good working computer don't you?

Also, do too many search engines/add ons, on a toolbar slow things down, or is this just a microsoft problem?

My yahoo homepage has alot of modules, or should I say information I look forward to reading, can this slow a computer down, I don't think it should, after all Yahoo sais add as much as you like?!

What search engines do you use? I heard Safari, maxthon, and opera were good.

My computer works slower with IE 7 then with the previous?windows 2000

If it is so then uninstall ur windows service pack 2 of ur windows with which ur internet explorer will come down to 6 version %26amp; windows media player to 10 or if u don't want to uninstall the same then ungrade ur current ram to higher for example from 256mb ram to 512mb ram which will increase ur machines speed %26amp; performance.

One more thing press Windows Key + Pause %26amp; Break key %26gt; then go to Advanced Tab%26gt;Settings%26gt;Adjust for best performance.

My computer works slower with IE 7 then with the previous?internet explorer internet explorer

maybe your computer isnt made for ie 7 and also it can be to many add-on slowing things dow
From what I've heard, IE7 has a lot of trouble toolbars like Yahoo and Google. IE7 is overall not as good as IE6, unfortunately. If you decide to downgrade, just go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel to uninstall IE7 which will restore IE6. As far as search engines go, I use good old Google.
We tend to stay away from IE except for playing on MSN Games or for windows updates.

We prefer Mozilla Firefox. It has fewer bugs and better security than IE. And it's a free download.

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