Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is anyone having trouble with IE 7 after updating to YM 8?

I was having trouble with IE premature closings, and lockup when I tried to close IE. By disabling "Yahoo IE Service Button"; "Yahoo IE Suggest" ; and "Yahoo Services" in the browser, (Tools; Manage Add Ons: Enable or Disable Add Ons), it resolved the problem. With any one of these add ons Enabled, I still had the same problem. Hope this info may help if any experience the same/or other problems.

Is anyone having trouble with IE 7 after updating to YM 8?microsoft office 2003

This happened to me and just reinstalling isnt goin to make all of it work properly need to turn off your firewall , redownload the yahoo messenger..once download is complete sign in to your messenger and then turn your firewall back on. The firewall is blocking crucial files yahoo needs to download to work properly. You have to sign in once to yahoo right before turning firewall back on so that the firewall will allow all of yahoo to have the access it needs to run properly hope this saves you time and sanity

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