Friday, November 20, 2009

Ie tab-keeping history on firefox 2?

I love firefox and i use ie tab to make browsing history, but when im using ie tab, firefox doesnt keep record the sites i visit.

Is there a way around this. Can you keep track of your history when using ie tab on firefox ?

Ie tab-keeping history on firefox 2?microsoft publisher

go to tools - options - then on the privacy tab make sure theres a tick in the remeber history box and set the days for as long as you like

Ie tab-keeping history on firefox 2?microsoft live internet explorer

IEtab uses IE's rendering engine (code) to show sites. Why would Firefox keep track of what pages IE went to?

You might have a better chance looking at IE's history, but from what I can understand IEtab doesn't put all of IE in the tab - just the rendering engine.

What this means is that IE may not be *able* to keep track of the history.

I can't tell you for sure because I don't have IE on my computer. I use Linux (I spend less time fixing it and more time working).

My question is this:

Why are you doing so much in what is essentially IE in Firefox clothes?

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