Friday, November 20, 2009

IE still won't open (firefox, IE 7 still not working either) Help?

I've downloaded Firefox and my computer won't let me run it to complete the install. Won't let me install IE 7. I've also downloaded and installed Malicious Software Removal Tool and I still can't get IE. I've also tried Opera 9 and no still no dice. Any other options? Thank you.

IE still won't open (firefox, IE 7 still not working either) Help?windows xp pro

Uninstall IE7 ,then install IE6 ans if you still have

any more problems then you'll have to restore

the system.

IE still won't open (firefox, IE 7 still not working either) Help?microsoft net framework internet explorer

I. E. 7 is beta, which means you are expected to find problems with it, on some computers. Do

a system restore and go back to I.E. 6!
you need to go immediately to Microsoft's web site at and download their defender program for windows. your system has a new virus that no virus protection seems to catch except for defender. what it does is alter your programs with out asking and change the windows registry so it stays that way. it attacks firefox...IE...mozilla...NOT AOL for some reason. use AOL to download defender and run it immediately. then download IE8 from Microsoft's web site, it has a malicious software removal tool built into it.
err, have you tried booting up in safe mode with nothing else running.

to do this restart the computer. press f8 when the computer is starting, (it may beep at you, dont worry just let go of the key for a second) it will give you lost of options, select safe mode command prompt. when it starts you will have a empty screen excep for a black window. close this and press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. in the first menu goto File-%26gt; new task(run) and type 'explorer' then try installing it.

else give us a bit more infor on what happens when you run iexplorer. and how and when it started.
It seems you have a sort of parental control or some too strict firewall settings. Try disable your firewall and check the settings of IE: set the Security and Privacy level to Medium.

Good luck :)

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