Friday, November 20, 2009

IE favorites suddenly vanished?

I used to have many favorites in my IE. Today I had some problem with IE and so I restarted my system once. From then, I am not able to see links under the favorites. It is just blank.

But when i viewed the "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator", I can see the favorites folder with all the links which I saved.

But still I am not able to see the favorites from IE. Can anyone help me?

IE favorites suddenly vanished?microsoft windows

Most likely you upgraded to the new IE. The best way to get your favs back the following - on the Menu bar - click File - Import Export - at welcome screen Next - Import Favorites - Browse to the directory of your favorites - DONE :)

IE favorites suddenly vanished?windows media player 10 internet explorer

Sounds like you are using a different account in Windows.

In My Computer, goto C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator

Copy the Favorites folder.

Then navigate to the username you are using now. Mine would be

C:\Documents and Settings\Joe

Paste the Favorites folder to add your old favorites to your current user.

Go into IE and try.
you might need to re-install ya IE. it might fix the problem for ya. Worth a shot

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