Friday, November 20, 2009

IE Explorer 7 crashing on one user but not another?

I normally use Firefox, but for some sites I need to use IE Explorer for some reason. Today my IE Explorer 7 stopped working - it just crashes with an error report message. I did a fresh reinstall, but the problem persists. I wondered if it was a Norton Internet Security 2007 problem.

What is odd though is that if I switch to another user account on my XP Pro machine, IE Explorer 7 seems to be running fine. But when I switch back to my regular user account it crashes again.

Are there some kind of settings I can just delete?

Thanks in advance.


IE Explorer 7 crashing on one user but not another?windows xp service

For troubleshooting, you can disable all 'add-ons' (tools, manage add-ons). You can also go to internet options (tools, internet options), click the advanced tab, and uncheck "enable 3rd party browser extensions". The first option may not be available depending on how quickly IE crashes but the second can be done through internet options in the control panel.

IE Explorer 7 crashing on one user but not another?microsoft xp internet explorer

IE 7 just sucks overall...if I were you I'd go back to IE 6. As far as it crashing on just your profile...I dont know. Thats weird.

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