Friday, November 20, 2009

IE 7. I have IE 7 installed and when I go to my yahoo mail it says it's logging in but then IE

Has anyone else had this issue with IE 7 and yahoo mail?

IE 7. I have IE 7 installed and when I go to my yahoo mail it says it's logging in but then IE shuts server 2003

Yahoo has been having major server issues since at LEAST Jan. 10, seemingly just with particular servers. And what's happening to you is unfortunately one of the many problems that people are having because of them, and Yahoo doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to solve them. And the problems are not just w/Yahoo Beta or IE7; I and others not using either are having similar problems. But both do have more problems; if you're using Beta, it's still in the testing stage and has a lot of problems, so go back to original Yahoo mail, and the same w/IE7, go back to IE6 until MS irons out all the problems.

I've had to use another acct.provided free by my ISP to send/rcv important e-mails since Jan. 10, and it's been working just fine the whole time. If you don't have another acct.w/another provider besides Yahoo, I'd strongly advise to get one; it makes a good backup in case of problems like this.

Please see my posting from Fri. Jan. 12 under the heading "Anyone having problems of any kind w/Yahoo Mail, PLEASE READ THIS" for more info and on reporting problems to Yahoo.

Since that original posting, they've also sent another e-mail that they've escalated the problem (or should I say problems!) to their engineering department, which is an indication of major problems, and not just a minor S/W "glitch." And again, these problems are not exclusive to Yahoo's Beta, but it does seem to compound the existing problems. This would indicate to me that there are also compatibility issues btwn. the H/W and S/W, besides the server problems.

So it's not anything you're doing, your computer, or your internet connection, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And BTW, deleting temp files (which your computer automatically does anyway every time you shut down your computer), cookies, or history will absolutely NOT fix the problem, nor will running disk cleanup or defrag or a system restore.

IE 7. I have IE 7 installed and when I go to my yahoo mail it says it's logging in but then IE shuts xp service internet explorerSo glad to hear that, Tim, it makes submitting these A's meaningful knowing they help some. And most sincere thanx, my friend, for your vote and rating. Sincerely, Alex Report It

try mozzila firefox
First, install Firefox, it's a much better browser.

Then uninstall IE. Your browser is crashing because of a corrupted file in IE. It could be a script coming from Yahoo mail and IE can't deal with it.

Reinstall IE after you reboot, if you'd like, but after you use firefox for a week you will never go back to that inferior product.

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