Friday, November 20, 2009

How to revert to IE 6 after IE 7 has been loaded?

Pl. help. Am using WIN XP Home edition.

Am unable to get to Bank's website via IE 7. They only use IE 6 and advise reverting to IE6.

Must I delete IE 7? And is authentic IE 6 available as a free download? If so, where?


How to revert to IE 6 after IE 7 has been loaded?microsoft net framework

To revert back to IE-6, use your add / remove programs in control panel, just be sure that "Show Updates" is checked up at the top.

How to revert to IE 6 after IE 7 has been loaded?windows xp themes internet explorer

Open up control panel and in there select add/remove programs. In there toward the top right you'll see a check box that says show updates. make sure thats checked. then scroll down the list to internet explorer 7. select uninstall. it'll go back to 6 and restart your pc and you should be good.
delteing ie7 will take you strigh back to ie6 (start%26gt;mycopmuter%26gt;controll pannel%26gt;add promove PROGRAMS%26gt;delte ie7)
there's two ways I know how:

1. delete IE 7 from the control panel. then search on yahoo! or google, or anywhere, to redownload IE 6. it should replace IE7

2. I heard that if you delete IE 7 your computer should (somehow) revert back to IE 6.

I'm not sure if #2 is true, but try one of these two.
just change your bank!
You need to uninstall IE7, and it will revert back to IE6. Do this: Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and the Show updates box at the top. This will show you the latest version of everything installed on your computer. Scroll down until you find Internet Explorer 7. Remove it, and when it finishes, close Control Panel and restart your computer. It will then be back to IE6, and your banking problem should be solved.
Hi there,

If you want to get Internet Explorer 6 you will need to go to the microsoft website and in the search box type 'internet explorer 6'.

The page should come up and you will be able to download from there. If that doesn't work just keep looking through the download section till you find it, good luck!

There site is at
You can use this program to install previous versions of IE alongside IE7 without affecting your IE7 installation. It's free.
You could try using System Restore to revert back to a restore point made before IE7 had been installed. I've done this today, not just because of IE7, I'm now back on IE6, but to restore a rather confused C drive ( I can't resist in messing about!). Always set a restore point before making changes or downloading stuff.
do what geeks quad says /ive just done it and im back to ie6

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