Friday, November 20, 2009

How do I change from IE to firefox?

In my last question I said I am having problems with IE. If i am to change from IE to firefox, how would I go about it? Would I download firefox and delete IE? or what? If i am not to delete IE, how do I tell my computer to use firefox instead of IE?

How do I change from IE to firefox?microsoft support

Follow these simple steps.

1. Goto

2. Download the latest version of firefox.

3. Double Click to install.

4. After installation it will ask if you want to import favourites from IE and other cookies etc. This will help you in smooth migration.

5. The first time firefox starts it will inform you that it is not the default browser and ask if you would like to make it the default browser. Choose yes if that is what you want.

6. In case you do start IE after Step 5 it will complain that it is not the default browser and do you want to make it the default browser. Choose no and check the option for not to ask you again.

Thats it, in six easy steps you will have a safer, faster and better web experience.

Congratulations on your choice of Firefox.

How do I change from IE to firefox?windows live mail internet explorer

You download and install Firefox. The first time you use it, it will say Firefox is not your default web browser, would you like to make it your default web browser now? You click yes and then just don't use IE. Don't delete it though.
yah just install mozilla firefox and click set as default browser and use firefox.
So, basically, you're telling me that I typed all that for nothing? *sigh*

Anyways... Certainly, do not delete IE. It occasionally comes in handy, especially on some sites which only work with IE (such as Microsoft Windows Update).

Just download and install Firefox, open Firefox up, and then when you open it and it asks you if you would like to set it as your default browser, click yes.
just download the free program:
You cant uninstall IE, Window System Need IE.

Just Download FireFox and Run it,It will work

Here To Download:

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