Friday, November 20, 2009

A difference in IE and Mozilla. IE stinks!!?

I have my own site when I edit i preview in Mozilla and it ALWAYS look like the editing page. however when i preview with IE theres always something messed up.

For instance, go to my site and look at the enter page with mozilla and IE. The mozilla version is fine but when looking with IE you see white lines. Also i have tables that are centered. In mozilla its fine, but in IE they arent centered but to the left. How can I fix all these things?

A difference in IE and Mozilla. IE stinks!!?microsoft works

There are fundemental differences in MANY Browsers which effect the outputed pages appearance.

Learn to write Acurate html code, and these will all but dissappear.

If that's "Beyond your Effort Budget" Download an Evaluation copy of DreamWeaver. It had Cross Browser patching built in.

FYI: Internet Explorer IS a Mozilla based Browser !

I Didn't say Firefox. I Said Mozilla.

A difference in IE and Mozilla. IE stinks!!?windows mobile internet explorer

I check it out it looks great on my IE but I am runnin the IE7 beta.
There are free validators online which can analyze your website to look for problems. Some web page designs look better in Mozilla and others look better in IE.

IE wasn't based on Mozilla Firefox, it was based on a design by Mosaic, which later became Mozilla and developed the Firefox browser.

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