Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yahoo! Toolbar for IE and Tabs?

I recently asked how to open a standard set of websites via tabs on Yahoo! for IE and one user suggested that when Iclose Internet Explorer, Iwill be asked whether you want to close all tabs. When the prompt appears, click Show Options, select Open these the next time I use Internet Explorer, and then click Close Tabs. When I reopen Internet Explorer the tabs will be restored. Problem is when I click close, the option to "Show Options" does not appear. Also, when I click a link, is there any way I can have IE open up another tab vs. an additional IE window?

Yahoo! Toolbar for IE and Tabs?

To see the options menu for tabbing, go to the Tools menu, then click on "Internet Options" Under the "General" section, at the bottom, you can change your settings for tabs.

Now, as for opening webpages in different tabs instead of different windows... When you want to open a link, RIGHT-CLICK on it. Then a menu should pop up and the second option from the top is "Open in New Tab" Click on that, and the page will open in a new tab!

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