Saturday, April 24, 2010

IE freezes when link is clicked?

I'm trying to revive an old PC, and have updated the RAM, etc. Everything works fine, but in IE I can't change pages. It just freezes when I click a link. I get the same thing pasting the link into the address bar. I remember seeing this problem once a long time ago, in a PC that someone had installed a "skin" in IE. When the skin was removed, it deleted whatever exe file handles link changes. I'm wondering if I have a missing or corrupted copy of that file. The reason I think it might be the same problem is I uninstalled the Netzero program using Add/Remove Programs. The other time I just reinstalled IE and that fixed it. I'm hoping to avoid that this time. I know there is a command you can run to extract one file from the install disk, if you know the name of the file. Any thoughts? The OS is XP Home Edition.

IE freezes when link is clicked?windows xp professional

I'm not sure but try Firefox and see if it does the same thing.

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