Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vista is closing all my IE windows??

Every once a while Vista would close all my IE windows. It would show up with messege like "Vista has enouter some problem" or "IE has encounter some problem."

And Vista CLOSE all my IE windows. I was in the middle of researching, and all my infor was lost. I have to redo eveything.

I wasn't running anything weird in the background. I was only running with IE. Plus this is a new laptop.

I admit I open a lot of windows and tabs (about 3 windows each with 6 tabs). But my old xp desktop could handle more.

What is going on? Why is vista such a control freak?

Vista is closing all my IE windows??windows defender

vista has lots of bugs to still be worked out. just make sure you have all the latest updates because they are working on those bugs and releasing patches for them. good luck!

Vista is closing all my IE windows??windows updates internet explorerVery common problem for me too. Vista sucks! Report It

it has nothing to do with vista. it's IE. or you could be opening stuff to fast.
Sounds like vista doesn't want you getting smart.

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