Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cannot maximize IE from Taskbar?


Could somebody help me to solve my problem.Whenever I open my IE, I can not maximize it. It is running on my task bar (Task manager shows that IE is running) and even when I right click and choose maximize, it will not.

I reinstalled IE 6 and it still didn't help.The way I browse now is by opening a window (like my computer) and typing the url in the address bar, or using Netscape Browser.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Cannot maximize IE from Taskbar?microsoft

Give up on IE and use Firefox

Here's why


Cannot maximize IE from Taskbar?microsoft access internet explorer

1. Right-click in the new window, click Create Shortcut, and then click OK.

2. Close the new window.

3. Open the shortcut on your desktop that you created in step one.

This procedure may open the contents of the opened window in a typical browser window that you can scroll, maximize, and resize.
You must be having some IE tool bar installed, which is malfuntioning and preventing IE from opeing up.

Goto Task Manager %26gt; Processes Tab

Click "End Process" on any of the processes looking suspicios, 1 by 1. Try running IE after each attempt. Ultimately you'll be getting it to run. Once you find out which process is causing the problem, uninstall it or untick it from the "System Configuration Utility %26gt; Start up tab" (msconfig).

That should solve your problem

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