Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why is IE not picking up my Dreamweaver tables properly when adding a PayPal "Add to Cart"

There's extra tags that don't affect Firefox but in IE it's completely messing up the tables. It won't line up properly, the size of the cell is completely diferent in IE and I can't get rid of the tags because it's form tags "hidden tags" so I can't get rid of them.

What can I do to remedy this problem so my tables surrounding the "Add to Cart" button doesn't go off center, out of shape (length changes from what I have in Dreamweaver). Everything looks great in Firefox but IE is a mess.

Firefox loves Dreamweaver apparently, but considering IE is used more than anything, it's a huge concern to have those pages look great.

Why is IE not picking up my Dreamweaver tables properly when adding a PayPal "Add to Cart" button?windows xp home

Adding a PayPal Add to cart button shouldn't have anything to do with your problem (just my guess). What you're facing is a form/tables issue with IE.

IE is notorious for not conforming to HTML or CSS standards, especially IE5/Win.

When you set up your form, the best way to keep all your fields and labels neat and legible is to use a table. If your table is breaking, it may be the way it was set up. If you have set the padding of cells as well as the table width and the calculations don't add up, that can mess up the layout of your form table. Are you nesting tables? Don't.

Keep your table simple. Don't specify table or cell heights because they won't work. Try to keep the table to two columns maximum. Your PayPal button should just show up as a clickable image, nothing more. The hidden fields in your PayPal button are necessary and will not affect the size of the button or any surrounding elements on the page.

Just troubleshoot the table, not the button. Good luck.

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