Saturday, April 24, 2010

How do I get IE & to close down when I click the X button at top right.?

Our PC crashed last weekend. We had IE 7, Windows XP and we uploaded Norton Security 2008 - and boom - we lost almost everything. 24 hours later we found it all saved as a backup. (WHEW).

Now whenever I open IE7 browser, I cannot get the first window to close - it just goes to a blank page and literally freezes the computer.

All the tabs work fine and close fine, as do other pages if I open a second and third window. They all close properly.

I usually have to do a ctrl-alt-del to remove that first window, and then I get that damned blue and gray report - IE is not working - send to MS so they can help.

I always click dont send - I am not sending my personal details to MS.

How can I fix the IE browser.

And please dont tell me to use firefox or something else, I am well aware they are available, but right now IE is easier. Or at least it was.


How do I get IE %26amp; to close down when I click the X button at top right.?ie 7

It's your ram that is corrupt.

It's a fairly cheap thing to replace.

The only fuss there is to select the right ram.

DDR, DDR2, DDR3, newer computers have DDR4

If it continues to crash, just hit "CTRL+ALT+DEL",

A task manager will appear. Go to "processes".

Find a process called "iexplore".

click on it, then select "end process".

It'll close down internet explorer

I'd say, go ahead and download firefox.

It's not easier.

It's just a learning curve.

To be honest, I'd remove Norton. It's hurts your system more than it repairs it.

Takes up too much system resources, takes up too much space and it's costs too much.

Free anti-virus are in most cases even better than lousy Norton!

How do I get IE %26amp; to close down when I click the X button at top right.?ireland internet explorer

reinstall (uninstall then install again)
I had this. I got it changing pages, or sometimes just opening IE. MS said it depended on the site. I had to format the hard drive and reload everything. I was told it's related to a problem with Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine. Something to do with losing their license. They originally said IE wouldn't work after December, but mine does now. Removing and reinstalling IE did me no good. I suspect the deal is the new versions of IE (both 6 and 7) have the Sun Microsystem Java, or something along those lines. It looks like MS has taken down their knowledge base documents. They were pretty good.Good Luck!

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