Saturday, April 24, 2010

FireFox And IE?

I'm not asking which is better. I'm just seeing who agrees with my point.

People say IE lacks in features, and that mozilla firefox doesn't, but really those people aren't up to date. Using IE 6 still!

IE has most of the things they say it doesn't!

So from a non developer point of view, IE 7 is just almost good as FireFox.

I actually prefer FireFox, because of about:config.

People always aggro about the most used systems, or most used anythings!

The people who complain about windows are too dumb to know how to use it, none the less linux!(Linux is much more complicated than windows.Only used by 3.3%)

I think its simple, people need to get their facts straight before they bash MS, IE7, WMP, etc.

What do you think? Agree, disagree?

Don't flame.

I'm on Ubuntu Linux with kde, Firefox, Wine installed, and everything completely set up.

FireFox And IE?microsoft xp

need to agree. Ie is updated and is secured too.Firefox actually loading slow on me.I like Ie because it loads up fast the only prob i get with ie is that it crashes me sometimes but that could also be my system.Thats why i made my own client .Firefox is good with linux but same problem with the loading. I still would say Firefox is a bit better. So my rate is from 1 - 10 FIREFOX:8 IE7.xx:7.5 ! - Fact for me is there is no super browser out there. Learn to use it and you will love it . See ya

FireFox And IE?download windows xp internet explorer

Well I see things this way. IE 6 is so old that is it useless. IE 7.0 is so unstable that it is useless. FF runs but has interface issues and doesn't render certain bits of CSS properly. Opera is stable, fast, secure, and renders according to the W3C standards so it works PROPERLY!!!!.

Opera for me works great even on a machine with insufficient memory to run windows properly half the time.
I am a fan of FireFox, it is the only thing I will use. I don't like IE v6 or v. They have done a lot of upgrades to IE v7 but I still think it doesn't compare to FireFox.

Windows is falling apart specially since VISTA came out, they are trying to push people to spending a lot of money on WINDOWS products. So but, of course WINDOWS is going to get trashed.
You know they say you judge a book by its cover. Bashing Linux or Bashing Windows is senseless. Both operating systems have their good points and bad points. I've already converted three computers back to windows xp because of the windows vista downfall and people don't like it.

I use Fire Fox by choice because it is faster and doesn't stall out when loading up web pages. Anything made by Microsoft I don't trust, not to be spying on the user. I only have a windows computer to do things Linux woun't do because of lack of comparable software

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