Saturday, April 24, 2010

June attack on IE?

I've been reading in several places whispers about a coming June attack on Microcrap's IE. Funny story:

I have extremely good security on my computer. I rarely use IE; only when I absolutely have to (some sites required for my business only accept IE) otherwise, I use Firefox. I ran a scan with my SpyOnThis, and it found 70 items, most of them being in the high to extremely high threat range. I found on inspection of these 70 items that MOST of them were connected to IE/ActiveXcontrols/blah blah.

Considering that I have my cache and cookies dumped automatically every hour, run one antispyware every hour on auto, and two other programs manually about every two hours, have a very good anti-virus that scans every 24 hours (full system check), run my Crap Cleaner once a day, etc. would you say that there is an attack going on? I've never, EVER had that many high-end objects show up during a scan, and I ran IE ONCE last night.

Anyone else showing up a lot of junk on their scans?

June attack on IE?windows explorer

First, your Firefox browser isn't any safer than IE. The only reason you didn't get infections using it, is because, few people used it and the bad guys didn't waste their time and efforts on it. Now that more people are using it, they have found the weak links in it and are now infecting computers through firefox.

I use IE6, and since I learned about the different types of Malware, and how to protect my computer, I've had no infections in 5 months. Since you are being infected your protection isn't that good.

You need to get rid of the infections first. Go here and run the online scan and let it remove anything it finds and lists. Before running this download the latest version of Java here. Then remove any previous versions.

If any infections remain then go here and follw the procedure and run the AS programs she lists.

Here is a package that will protect your computer and is all Free!

Make sure your computer is set up for AutoUpdate for Microsoft/Windows Updates. Use Automatic Updates.

Firewall - If you have Windows XP with the SP2 then use the Firewall supplied with it. It is excellent. If not then use:

Zone Alarm Free version.

Anti-Virus - AVG 7.1 Free or AVAST Free. Both are excellent and better than most you pay for. Use only one AV program.

Anti-Spy - Windows Defender Beta 2, Spybot Search %26amp; Destroy, AdAware SE Personal. If you use the Yahoo Toolbar with AS, continue to use it. If not, I recommed, downloading the toolbar and using the AS. It is the eTrust Pest Patro AS program and is excellent.

The Windows Defender and Yahoo AS will be the only two AS that run all the time. Spybot and AdAware will be used for scans only.

All the AV/AS and Zone Alarm can be downloaded here.

This next program will work with your AV and AS programs and stop infections before they get a chance to install. It will find stuff already on and help remove it automatically. It will also protect against infected Email attachments. Do Not use as stand alone protection.

This next program will alert you to sites that could or will infect you. They have tested many sites and have rated them and will give you a color warning.

I use an eTrust AV program and the Windows Firewall. Everything else listed here I use. No infection in 5 months.

I installed this exact package on my neighbors computer 3 months ago and he hasn't been infected. He likes to download Porn and free games.

June attack on IE?microsoft zune internet explorer

from what I hear it gives alot of false positives
SpyOnThis is considered a "rogue/suspect "anti-spyware program that has been known to use false positives as a goad to purchase the product. Have a look here:

Scroll down to SpyOnThis.

Spybot Search and Destroy is a far better it is free!
Spyware is in the eye of the beholder.

One persons spyware is another persons legitimate marketing tool is another persons software functionality enhancement.

I too, run all of the protection that is feasible (feasible = cheap or free + convenient) and try to keep away from the worst of the web's offerings.

As far as an IE attack, I think you answered the question. IE is under attack every day. My daily scans turn up about 30 new cookies.

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