Saturday, April 24, 2010

IE 7 on Vista Crashes? How to reinstall/repair it?

I always use Firefox for my browsing but a course that I am taking requires that I use IE. I run Vista and IE 7 came with it. How can I reinstall/repair it? I went to the microsoft site but I could not download from there.


IE 7 on Vista Crashes? How to reinstall/repair it?internet explorer update

how does it crash? describe.

You can't fix a problem with no info.

IE 7 on Vista Crashes? How to reinstall/repair it?web browser internet explorer
Meh... I use firefox too. Have to tried the IE tab plugin for firefox?? That's what I use when I'm required to use IE.
Lol, just get rid of IE7 and use Firefox (10000000000000000000000000000000000 times better)
Both IE and Vista suck. I used vista for just a few hours before shifting back to xp pro.

firefox has an addon that simulates internet explorer. Download that and you can view "internet explorer only" pages in firefox too.

get it from here :
Firefox has an explorer tab that may work for you. It is an addon and if it works, goodbye clunky, unreliable explorer.

I also have vista (legal) wink wink. U know... the thing with interer explorer 7 is that you need to clean your temporary files more often.

Start -My Computer - Right Click on partition that vista is intalled then properties - then go to disk cleanup. - also try defragmenting.... it might help. this haas also happened to me but that was because i was runing Wayyyy to many programs and also trying to view facebook all at the same time. it is not a problem with vista nor is it a problem with IE7. If you dont have a legal version of vista then whatever you used to activate it may have caused a problem. if you need help with this, e-mail me.
This guys with the "disk clean-up" and "defragmentation" crap is on some sort of substance.

I have a new computer that was doing this very same thing. I can assure it wasnt a defragmentation problem or a resource issue. Unless your computer shouldnt be running Vista. A few things may help, one: you may want to check microsoft's knowledge based article for a registry editing fix that causes IE7 to crash, and the second thing you could do is uninstall all your IE7 add-ons like activex and reinstall them you may even want to try even reinstalling IE7.

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