Saturday, April 24, 2010

How do you go from IE 7 to IE 6?

I am using a web site that doesn't like IE 7 it prefers IE 6 I was wondering if anyone knew how to go from IE 7 to IE6. Thanks.

How do you go from IE 7 to IE 6?ds browser

When you uninstall i.e.7 in add/remove programs then it should automatically revert to i.e.6 but to be on the safe side download i.e.6 first from here and save it to your desktop just in case of problems after uninstalling i.e.7

How do you go from IE 7 to IE 6?microsoft templates internet explorer

download IE6 from:

uninstall IE7 and then install the downloaded IE6

As a failsafe, download and install Firefox first - that way if it screws up and your left with no IE for a while, you can still get on the web and find a solution



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