Saturday, April 24, 2010

Microsoft IE?

Let's assume that I have an IE explorer open. When I open another explorer window and go to google (or any site) and start typing in my query, then the first window will come up, unless it is minimized on the toolbar. Has anybody experienced this before ? I notice this does not happen with Mozilla. Is this a bug in IE explorer ?

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its IE thats doing this. Hex Variables used in many versions of windows that were released without the new verion of windows have a tenticy to confuse header requests with other windows, bringing them up if the are in the cache, like when they are open. Once they are in the RAM (minimised) this problem wont happen. Other browsers that are written in Visual Basic, like maxthon will have this problem as well, but if it [the browser] made out of a different language or configures the headers differently, then it will work fine. Mozilla is written in c++

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can't say i have ... something's fishy there.

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