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Problems with IE 7?

My interenet explorer has updated itself to IE 7 (from IE 6) and now we seem to be having problems. Lots of 'error on page' and drop down menus won't work on ANY website, which is very frustrating! I have looked at previous questions related to this and many suggest resortin back to IE 6 through the 'add/remove programs' option. Sounds great, but when I go into my 'add/remove programs' there isn't 'interent explorer' of any kind me to use. Any suggestions?!


Problems with IE 7?windows vista

whats your moaning about? ie7 is by far better than firefox, quicker much more user friendly. Firstly do you know what you are doing on a pc, the are meant to be infallable, its the idiots that use them that muck them up.Have you got an ancient pc, upgrade man , get more memory do your housework on your pc as you would with a car. take time to learn more then you wont be wasting your time asking (and receiving) stupid answers!!

Problems with IE 7?windows defender internet explorerSwitch to Firefox and toss IE into the re-cycle bin. You'll be happy that you did. IE is loaded with too many holes, needs to many patches and is the prime choice for exploitation amongst mal-contents. Report It

What a brilliant dissertation by an obviously brilliant mind Taffy Comp Geek. I espicially enjoyed "the are meant to be infallable". Computers aren't infallable not by a long shot, why? BECAUSE they were made by humans! Logic is flawless, creating flawless logic is tricky. Report It

Go back to Add/Remove programs and look for Windows Internet Explorer 7.
Had similar questions, and got really frustrated.

Am now on mozilla firefox. Far better, the virus stopper thingy works and get few pop ups.
Uninstall immediately. It's just not ready or compatible with anything.

Rollback asap.

In ad remove scroll down to w's
Get Firefox!
If IE7 does not appear in add/remove programs check the box near the top that says show updates. This will show the IE7 uninstaller.
Go back to "Add or Remove Programs" and scroll the list. The entry is called "Windows Internet Explorer 7"
My Ie7 did that too i called the company and one thing they told me to do was the following:

1. Go to tools and select Internet Options

2. Click on the advanced tab

3. Scroll down to security and uncheck "use TLS 1.0" (i think its that one but it might be the SSL ones too)

Good Luck and u might have to restart internet explorer!

If that doesnt work just uninstall in add/remove programs, it will be under Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 i just checked.
Go to add remove programmes and scroll down....shows as Windows Internet Explorer 7, use Mozilla Firefox it is much better.
I'll bet this is the most frequently asked question on this site. Surely it has been picked up by Yahoo by now, who keep pushing it.
Cant agree more with whats already been said a few times - ditch IE and get Firefox, its so much more robust and less prone to online threats.

Then theres the extensions, the tabbed browsing, the lack of active x letting prats dump stuff on your machine without you knowing, there are many reasons why you should but GET FIREFOX!
I had same problem ,and could not find it ,so i reset computer to an earlier date,and everything is now ok.
There must be quite a few numb nuts out there, why are there so many user's finding the new IE7 such a head ache to download and use, my copy of IE7 was also downloaded with windows update's and so far it has been great, easy to use and no problems, there is very little difference between IE6 and IE7 so what is all the fuss about, it just goes to show that not every one can use a computer or understand what they are doing when sitting in front of the screen downloading software, you only have to look at some of the stupid question's on the answer's page to learn that
It may not show the first time but check to see that "show all updates" is checked.

A system restore might also work (it effect program files only - Start %26gt; Programs %26gt; Accessories %26gt; System Tools %26gt; System Restore) Choose a date before IE6 was "updated" to IE7.

It might take a couple attempts to take.

Or... you can try something different. Firefox is awesome, so is Opera. Both are free.

I, personally, prefer Firefox. (this should be your first add-on for Firefox - guess what it does ^_^)
You should stick with the updated IE7 and NOT remove it from your computer as there are quite a few programs running on your PC that rely on IE7 to work properly, some in Firefox and Opera. There are also websites that Firefox and Opera can't open that IE7 can, and vice versa. I have both Firefox and IE7 on my PC happily working with each other.
You only need to do a search on here to see how many people are having problems with IE7. The best thing to do is download Mozilla Firefox available from Its faster, more user friendly, easily customisable to suit your needs and no problems.
Lots of people seem to be having problems with it. Try removing any toolbars or addons which may be integrated in to IE7 as these may not be compatible, things such as yahoo, google toolbar etc. Also check for any adware or spyware. This may get IE7 working.

Sorry no Idea how to get back to IE6 without add/remove programs. I did once find a program that uninstalled IE after about 3 hours of searching but can't remember what it was.

Would also suggest ditching IE altogether, try firefox or opera. much better browsers which cause less problems
you can get a patch from Microsoft called a compatibility patch it fools most sites that it is IE6 most sites have failed to update and we have got to wait for internet sites to upgrade to IE7
I had a ton of problems with IE 7 when I first loaded it in. I couldn't upload files to Yahoo! mail, my browser was always freezing etc...I thought I would have to either upgrade OR use another browser so I DLed Opra 9. Mind you, Opra 9 was great, but, it wasn't working with ALL media and websites. So, what I did was a little more research and found out some of the issues that are causing IE 7 problems. I have included a link that, if you follow the steps, will cease your problems with IE7.

It includes what amount of memory to dedicate to the new browser, what settings to leave on and turn off, and even a simple fix of reinstalling and rebooting TWICE instead of once. It worked for me and for a few of my friends, it should work for you as well...
I have IE7 and it's the best thing ever. all the regular sites that I use work fine.

Perhaps it's some of the sites you are using have not been updated to work properly with the new browsers.

Sites need to update themselves with technology aswell!

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