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IE 7 and cleanup disk -deleting internet files?

Question # 1 I have found that Internet Explorer 7 is available for a free download at How do I find what version of IE I am now running, and if I don't have IE 7 should I download IE 7 ? Question # 2 About a year ago, someone looked at this home computer (runs Windows XP Pro) and did a disk cleanup by getting rid of Temporary Internet now shows I have 89,000 temporary internet files. How would I perform a thorough, yet safe, disk cleanup, tell it to take away ALL temporary internet files ? This is a standalone home computer. I run AVG free edition, Spybot, Ad-Aware, and Windows Defender.

IE 7 and cleanup disk -deleting internet files?microsoft internet explorer

IE 7 is in the Release Candidate 1 phase. This is the final Beta phase before Final release. There are some sites and programs that will not support IE 7 as long as it is still in Beta testing. This is solved with a little (very small) program that makes those sites and programs think IE 7 is IE 6. Sounds nut, but, it works. I use it with IE 7 and it works great. I recomend you download and use IE 7. You will love it. You will have to find and learn the differences of you current IE browser.

Here is the programs to fool the ones that don't support IE 7 yet. Select the "Internet Explorer 6" link and then click OK for the next to boxes that pop up. If you install this after downloading IE 7 then restart the computer after downloading this program so it will work properly.

To clean your computer do the following:

Go to Start%26gt;All Programs%26gt;Accessories%26gt;System Tools%26gt;Disk Cleanup. Run this program. Put a check in every box(even if is says it is empty) and then click OK.

Now follow the same path and select Disk Defragment%26gt;run this and defragment your hard drive.

Now do this: Exit all running programs including those in the Sysem Tray (by the clock) and including your Browser. Go to Start%26gt;Run%26gt;type: %temp%%26gt;click OK%26gt;in this window go to the menu bar to EDIT and click Select All%26gt;you should have noticed the menu expand to show the delete option. Click it and delete everything.

Here is what you should do at least once a week: Go to Tools%26gt;Internet Options%26gt;General tab (it should open on this tab)%26gt;Delete Cookies and Temp Files buttons%26gt;go to Clear Hisory button and click it. Click Apply then OK.

Once you have IE 7 and get to the General Tab then go to the Browsing History and click the delete button. Another window will open and you will then delete the Cookies, Temp Files and History.

IE 7 and cleanup disk -deleting internet files?microsoft downloads internet explorer

answer #1- open up IE click help up top-then about internet explorer. there you will find your version. no you should not download it yet. i tried it along with some of my IT buddies and its not ready for everyday use yet. there are still some bugs they need to work out. if you dont have IE6 you should get that.

answer #2-to get rid of temp internet files-open up IE click tools up top-click internet options-click delete files-it may ask you if you want to delete offline content as well choose yes. thats all there is to it. good luck
1... to find out what vrsion you are running..just click on the HELP BUTTON. and then ABOUT INTERNET EXPLORER..

to get safely rid of all the temp internet files do this.%26gt;START%26gt; ALL PROGRAMMES%26gt; ACCESSORIES%26gt; SYSTEM TOOLS%26gt; DISC CLEANUP.. and click on the TEMP INTERNET FILES%26gt; ok
# 1 - To find out your current version, click Help | About Internet Explorer on the IE menu. I can't tell you whether or not to download the newest version - that's your call. However, it's a release 1 candidate so it's not quite finished yet. I generally avoid anything that's a release one or a pre-release since they tend to be buggy. I like to wait for a subsequent release as it will tend to be more stable.

# 2 - To safely delete your files (and wow, you have a lot of them) do this:

a. Close all instances of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer since it also uses the Internet.

b. Access the Control Panel from the Windows start menu.

c. Once in the Control Panel you want Internet Options.

d. One the General tab, click the "Delete Files" button in the Temporary Internet Files section.

e. When prompted place a check in: "Delete all offline content", and click OK. This removes the junk files such as downloaded files, zero byte files created by Outlook Express and many other hidden files that reside in your cache.

It may take a while for all the files to delete since you have so many of them :)
well i don't know about the first question but to your 2 question right click your Internet explore icon go to properties and a window will open you will see a few icons like delete cookies, delete files etc click on them it will clear all your temp files and cookies you can even clear your history, and suggest you try to defragment you hard drive too.

click start

go to accessories

system tools

disk defragment.

there is a disk cleanup there too.

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