Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why doesnt IE work with the

It works in firefox but not in IE, is there another code that works for ie thats not %26lt;BR%26gt; or that works for both?

Why doesnt IE work with the %26lt;BR%26gt; code?windows mail

IE supports %26lt;br%26gt;, although is almost every case %26lt;br%26gt; should be replaced with paragraphs, list items or margins.

Why doesnt IE work with the %26lt;BR%26gt; code?microsoft maps internet explorer

Try br / With the %26lt; and %26gt;. %26lt; br / %26gt; without the space before b and after /

Internet explorer is using a more strict form of HTML now.
They both support the %26lt;br%26gt; code, and it should work fine.
but it does !!!

anyways, try the %26lt;hr%26gt; or %26lt;p%26gt; tag then.....
Just use the %26lt;p%26gt; tag, for example:

%26lt;p%26gt;paragraph here%26lt;/p%26gt;

%26lt;p%26gt;paragraph here%26lt;/p%26gt;

It will show up with a line break in the middle.

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