Saturday, April 24, 2010

IE 7... anyone else using it?

anyone else start using IE 7? I have been using Opera for the last couple months and think I'm going to start using IE 7 on a regular basis!! It's awesome. IE finally has tabbed browsing without a bulky toolbar!! What do you think?

IE 7... anyone else using it?microsoft templates

opera is good brower but I like IE 7 more now, I don't know why ..haha!

IE 7... anyone else using it?windows firewall internet explorer

they got the idea from the mozilla based browsers: netscape and firefox
I used IE 7 for awhile. It's not bad. But for my printing requirements it doesn't work too well. Too much work just to print a selection. IE 7 Beta 2 was great. Wish they'd go back just a little.
No, I use IE 6.x and Firefox!
IE 7 isnt complete still its beta .and also it doesnt support window media player ..but use firefox.its too good and fast :-)

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